TROPICAL PRODUCE SDN BHD - Registration No. 200710127603(785625-X), has for the past decade devoted its core specialization in exporting a diverse range of coconut, oats, canned foodstuffs, cereals, and cocoa products to name a few. Incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company has successfully acquired the exclusive distributive rights for MORNFLAKE, as the UK’s oldest and one of the most renowned cereal oats producers. At TROPICAL PRODUCE SDN. BHD., we have identified the need and cultivated the creation of premium brands for the international market, offering the variety of the best Malaysian, Asian, and European produce. The brands include Tropical Harvest, Harvest Best, Country Best, Nature’s Own Brand, MASTER, and CACAO ASIA. TROPICAL PRODUCE SDN. BHD. has been enjoying exponential growth, expanding across world with exporting activities in over 20 countries. The driving force behind our success goes hand-in-hand with resilient belief to ensure our clients’ satisfaction with the quality, reliable service, and our unbeatable competitive pricing without making any compromisation.


To provide the finest quality of Asian and European food & Ingredients to reach supermarkets shelves and family dining tables across the world.


To have our brands recognized amongst the leading competitor and setting trends for everyone to follow.

Our years of dedication, hard work, personal sacrifice, and overcoming numerous challenges have today resulted in many rewarding accomplishments; of which we are grateful but also striving and determined to outdo ourselves. At this very moment, our products can be found in homes and supermarket shelves around the world, across the Middle East, , Asia, Africa, and the Americas, our products are truly competing with the “Big Players”. Our vision is always evolving with time to accommodate the uniqueness of our approach. The continued trust placed on us by the consumers and suppliers is an underlining factor of the success we have deservingly achieved.

Undoubtedly, the main reason behind our success is our people oriented mentality, with the end-users benefits in mind; we understand what, when, and how they need it. This insight is a driving force for our strategies to deliver fine tailored products

In today‘s modern age to be ahead of the curve, we consistently look ahead and invest in the latest innovation to benefit our consumers and advance our products and partners, but we also keep one eye on the humble beginnings, how it all started, and the lessons learned. The coming few years will introduce a few key strategies to be implemented to give way to our expansion plans and a new phase to reach a larger share of consumers.

With our diverse selection of over 50 different types of products accompanied with our winning determination, we look forward to many new beginnings and milestones ahead.

Management Team,

Starting from 2015, the TROPICAL PRODUCE SDN. BHD. team has taken the leap to undertake a committed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, we believe it is our core moral duty to participate in the advancement of the communities in which we live, work, and serve.

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